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Testimonials from Athletes:

Since 1994 I have been blessed with being around some great Quarterbacks throughout my coaching career, I can truly say that the best always study and find ways to improve their skills. The Quarterback Equalizer is another tool to help you get stronger as a Quarterback. Take a look!


                                                 - Coach John Tomlinson


Avery Davis - QB - Cedar Hill HS - 2017

“The Quarterback Equalizer was a very beneficial tool that helped me identify coverages on the field. It bettered my knowledge of coverages in a fun and competitive manor.”

Shane Savage - WR - Cornell University - 2012

"The reason behind these videos is why I grew addicted to watching them. I wanted to become a true student of the game and this was a convienent and easy way to learn."



Alex Munro - QB - St. Augustine’s College - 2013

“I have never met or worked with a brighter Quarterback instructor. I know for a fact Coach Tomlinson’s quarterback coaching is years ahead of the competition.”

Jovan Smith - RB - University of Richmond - 2013

"This product is that extra piece of training I needed to help elevate my game to the level it should. I wish these videos were around when I was in high school becuause being a QB did not come easy to me."

Drew Davidson - LB - Christopher Newport Universtity - 2015

"Playing as LB i want to get in the mind of the QB. These videos help learn the tendencies of what offenses look at, allowing me to better disguise my blitz."

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