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Rising Stars -  Climbing to the Attitude and the Altitude




































At this stage,  you have climbed to that level of "Cool" where the skies seem clear as your Rising Star has learned how to compete, knows the meaning of excellence and hard work and hopefully doesn't function just on talent inside or out in athletics, the classroom, or the work world.   This is when the unexpected "bumps" and "storms" threaten the ascent and focus and results are paramount. Fun is replaced with the word passion and belief in the vision as the "Athletic family" juggles from invitationals, tournaments, camps, clinics, leadership workshops; While the older Risng Stars fight early morning classes, professors, TAs, internships, externships, starting businesses, listening to bosses, and doubters as they fight to find success.


Flight plan Knowledge + Great Coaching + Passion + Hardwork + Compete + Mental Toughness=Perform. 


Begin to Specialize if necessary to prepare for the ascend to the next level.


TURBULENCE -> Burnout, Negative Peer Pressure, Focus, Apathy, Injuries, Life




  • What’s at the Top

  • Staying At the Top

  • Life after Sports – What Now?

  • Getting to the Top

  • Getting through the Grind (Jr. Year)

  • Picking Your Path

  • Finding Swagga

  • Finding Balance

  • Finding the FIT – School Selection

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