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Ok now it's time chart a course that teaches the student-athlete to be a student of .........( fill in the blank)!  What does that mean  learning how to Learn, Listen and Respond through preparation to compete. Whether it's truly knowing how to prep and study for a test in the classroom or in competition.  Establish learning strategies and proven rituals that give the Star the confidence to thrive and start to build credentials while it's still FUN but hardwork starts to meet talent and you learn to SHOW UP and invest in  their dream!


As the flight continues through those formative years approximately (9-12) or if the kid is new to the sport for any age, coaches are fighting over the athleticism your kid may possess but it's up to you to keep the flight on course.  NO DETOURS! Let your SHOOTING STAR find their path and start to OWN a piece of it by speaking with the coaches, making study schedules, learn how to get better through playing at home when no one is watching and practice is not required.  In other words, start cutting that umbilical chord and let them think!  Let them play anything but start to keep an eye on what they do best and keep it in the plan to start building that confidence,  and self-esteem.  You still fly the plane and the kid is still a passenger but they now know the flight plan.  For example, for those out there playing five sports, music and theatre let them  know if they are not a MANCHILD like Lebron James or a music prodigy you probably need to trim something if you want to excel. If excellence is not the goal and fun is the primary purpose.  Let them play!  Maybe you have a cross-trainer that's a star point guard/receiver and sprinter. No problem! Parents manage your own expectations and leave them alone LOL! The Stars have to start understanding reality and consequences but remember you are the pilot they are still passengers looking out a window.  They have to learn about the power of belief as well! Our philosophy, products and services support ways is to help you keep the flame burning and build that student-athlete circle of influence that let's the Shooting Star realize the possibilities.


Flight plan Knowledge + Great Coaching + FUN + Hardwork + Compete + Success + Failure=Big Progress


Build on the basics cut down on overloading and avoid coaches pulling the kids where possible to make early decisions.


TURBULENCE -> Burnout, Pressure, Failure, Weakness, Fatigue, Injuries, Bullying, Life





  • Getting to the Top

  • Fighting thru the Pressure

  • Picking Your Courses

  • Finding Swagga



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