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Star Services - Reaching Altitude & Charting New Courses














Ok now you reached that level you never imagined!   Congratulations!  So you ask the big questions, " Is this as Good as It Gets?!!", you add the thought, "Now what?" You may be exhausted from getting to this height!  Welcome to adulthood hopefully wearing your BIG BOY or your BIG GIRL pants!  Now you have to formulate a plan to stay there. Re-fuel and chart new courses for new challenges --- alarm clocks, contracts, awards, taxes, new careers, old injuries, new friends, parenthood, travel, family leadership, family illness, marriage, publicity, fans, patients, or clients just to name a few!



Gain direction for life after sports:


·      Direction for handling academic & athletic pressure

·      How to win/compete on and off the field

·      Define the meaning of hard work

·      What does it takes to be successful

·      Living up to the Hype

·      Understanding the negatives of sports

·      How to translate your drive for sports into a way of life




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