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SUperStar Services - Climbing the Next Mountain: Next Level Cool


Mr. Savage offers services for the individual or group that has achieved a high level in the world of of sports and other creative areas of life that is in quest of the Holy Grail of Sports - The "Quan".  For those unfamiliar with the very popular movie and the term "QUAN" from the 80's that Tom Cruise and Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding take a peek to below.























As your Ambassador of "Quan", Coach Savage will help you identify a clear brand, your passions and help build the "Circle of Influence" for you and your athletic family as you maintain and raise your game to another level through his keynote speeches,

workshops, and personal network. Using his own words, "People don't want or need just sound advice, they want a roadmap and access to opportunity and discovery of like-minded people that don't waste time with hidden agendas!



Are You a "Quan"Master?

Speeches & Workshops


  • Becoming a "Quan" Master

  • How to Build Social Capital

  • Leveraging Technology

  • Re-defining & Expanding Your Brand

  • Protecting the Family Legacy

  • Re-discovering Passion

  • Swimming with the $hark$






  • Coaching & Parenting Your Kids

  • Pulling out of a Tailspin

  • Sole Survivor - The "Quan Master" Series

  • Breaking thru the Grind

  • Becoming an Intreprenuer/Entrepreneur

  • Fueling Up for the Long Flight

  • Flying After The Crash




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