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Nick Savage is a nationally recognized professional speaker who trains educators and coaches at major tradeshows, conferences, and workshops. For almost twenty years, operating as the Founder and Executive Director for Special Forces Unlimited and CEO/Performance Architect for Mercury Speed Unlimited, Mr. Savage has continued to help student-athletes  achieve the unobtainable ---  become triple threats academically, athletically, with character to pursue success and catch it – Academic All-American and All-American status, while staying focused on the ultimate goal -  complete the transformation to life beyond sports. A former All-Big Ten football nominee, student-athlete, coach, inventor, holding a degree in Computer Science as one of the first athletes in the Big Ten, he walks the walk to help student-athlete families avoid the turbulence and pitfalls to help achieve success on the student athlete's terms to benefit all sports stakeholders in the long term. Through Nick’s two award-winning organizations,  the programs and his methodology have helped produce more than 600 champions and more than 3,000 kids on the track, field, court, stage and most importantly the classroom and beyond into scholarships (e.g., UVA, Vanderbilt,  the Ivies, John Hopkins, Duke, Theatre, STEM, Stanford, UVA, William and Mary, Clemson, UCLA, etc.), internships, externships, careers, entrepreneurial-ship, and most importantly personal fulfillment. The student-athletes include his own kids leading them to adventures at Cornell as a Football AP All-American/East Region Academic All-American and Stanford President’s list successfully. Together the family has forged the new vision called - The League of Extraordinary Athletes.

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