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Twinkling Stars Services - Turning the Wish into a Dream  









So here we are!  Let the games begin! For some it begins that very moment when Baby Alex or Tyler take that first step the performance measurements begin! For the lucky, they get to just have fun in the early years. Our approach and philosophy is to let "kids be kids" and learn to be an "active" passenger enjoy the ride, learn the fundamentals, survival skills and work with you to build that "Circle of Influence" in the beginning to become a well-balanced but driven student-athlete capable of critical-thinking while learning to fail, compete, succeed and repeat that process throughout their journey, so when they takeover in the cockpit, they are ready. At this stage our flight plan is:


Knowledge + Fun + Great Coaching=Progress is the focus.  Winning may come or may not at this stage.


Our services and products have been designed to help the athletic family holistically build a support team for life for the TWINKLING STAR to help he or she become stronger, mind, body and spirit with a SMILE.   We will help fight through the turbulence - Injuries, Burnout and Backlash from not getting a chance to be a kid when you are one.





  • Getting thru the Matrix

  • How to Juggle

  • Picking Your Courses

  • Finding Swagga while Having Fun












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