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These workshops consist on interactive onsite speeches that evolve from a the speech to the interactive workshops.


  • Pursuit of Your Passions - Breaking Loose from the Pack

    • Crafting the flight plan to soar from the mundane

    • Become a Re$pected Intrepreneur/Entrepreneur safely

    • Finding Your Value & while remaining Authentic

    • The Stages of the Flight


  • Protecting the Family Legacy

    • How to Grow and Engage with Family

    • Remembering Where You Come From while Growing

    • Leading the Family

    • Coaching and Parenting the Kids


  • Swimming with the $hark$

    • Keeping Cool in a World of "Fog"

    • Sports Rules of the Business Game - Team versus Individual

    • Building Your Circles of Influence

    • Making it to the Oasis




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